OM Botanicals

OM Botanicals uses only the purest botanical ingredients and minerals. Unbleached and unprocessed, these non-white products are completely free of toxic chemicals, petroleum based ingredients, synthetic compounds, harsh preservatives, perfumes, fillers or any animal derived ingredients. We also refrain from animal testing. There are no secret ingredients, as we proudly list everything we use so you know exactly what you’re putting on your body. Unlike most skin care products with water as the primary ingredient, we do not add any water to our formulations. We don’t give you products that are 60 to 80% water. As a result, only a small amount of our highly concentrated products is needed. Skin care should be caring for your skin, not harming your body or the environment.

If you have a kid with acne their acne line is amazing!!!  As are all the other skin care products.


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